PERET Product Portfolio

PERET offers solution for the following applications:


We have experience in Flexo prepress since I developed the first VIPFLEX in 1997. The Flexo prepress tecnology made a huge step forward making Flexo being one of the key printing tecnologies for packaging products.


We design the devices for the press-room. They are easy to use, robust, quick to use, no special training is needed, and they measure everything you need to measure at the press.


Card Board Box making is a quite complex process. The ideal crease line will lead to a functional box that will perform properly in the filling machine and look perfect on supermarket's shelf. The second important quality criteria is the embossing depth which guarantees the tactile and optical effect expected when paying for embossing tools.


Corrugated board making quality is becoming more and more important as corrugated board is used for final packaging and not just for transport boxes. The washboard effect is relevant for the stablility of the box and for high quality looking prints. The single flute measurement will tell you about the register and usage of your corrugating rolls.


When talking about security it is not just money printing. Invisible inks can be used to create in-house brand protection labels that are impossible to be copied. There is no additional equipment required to print 1 or 2 additonal colors. The quality control is even more important than for visible ink as your press man can not visually control the print.