FLEX4PRO Flexo Plate Analyzer

The FLEX4PRO is the new generation Flexo Analyzer of the most popular devise to measure flexo plates and to measure flexo sleeves in the world. Analyze LAMS after imaging, fotopolymere plates, elastomere plates, 3D flexo dot shapes, and print samples. The self containing, cabin luggage proven box makes the device transportable. This makes it ideal for service people.

The FLEX4PRO sensor head can be un-pluged and used without the box for applications that do not require the transmission light source. For example 3D dot shape analysis or DLE Plate measurements are using reflection light sources only.


SLEEX - Simple Sleeve & Tube Adaptor


read more about the Sleeve Adaptor for the FLEX4PRO SLEEX and SLEEX-T

FLEYEplus Software Reporting Module


RELIX4 - Measure Thickness, Relief and Floor


RELIX XXL Large Format device

Dimensions drawing of RELIX XXL Large Format Flexo Plate Thickness and Flexo Plate Relief measurement devices

RELIX Connect Software

The RELIX can be connected directly to the FLEX3PRO Software. If no FLEX4PRO is available, the optional RELIX Connect Software can be used.