FLEX³PRO Flexo Plate Analyzer

The FLEX³PRO is the de facto standard in controlling your flexo plate making process. It measures LAMS, transparent plates, DLE plates, film, and print.

FLEX³XXL-PRO Large Format Flexo Analyzer

The FLEX³XXL-PRO is the large format version of the FLEX³PRO and 100% compatible

ROUNT-PRO Flexo Sleeve Analyzer

The ROUNT-PRO is the analyzer for transparent flexo sleeves.

FLEX³HR High Resolution Flexo Analyzer

The FLEX³HR high resolution flexo plate analyzer is a must for who is imaging his plates with high resolution image setters. The measurement resolution is appr. 43'000ppi

RELIX Flexo Relief Analyzer

The RELIX option can be connected to the FLEX³PRO software to add plate thickness measurements and relief depth measurements to the quality reports. Measurements can be exectued remotely without touching the device.